Double Hung Windows in Passaic, NJ

Double Hung Window
High Performance, low maintenance and aesthetic appeal, modestly priced to fit anyone's budget.
Double Hung Window - Window Installation in Passaic, NJ
Hybrid 700
Low profile frame and sash result in narrow sight lines and a larger viewing area
Fusion welded sashes and mechanically fastened master frame
Multi-chambered vinyl construction is strong, thermally efficient, and requires minimal maintenance
7/8” dual pane insulated glass. Optional Energy Saver, Low ‘E’ glass and Argon Gas available for year round comfort and optimum performance
Full Interlock with double weather stripping prevents drafts and the elements from entering your home
Tilt in sashes for easy cleaning from the inside of your home
Quality, color coordinated hardware provides convenient and easy operation
Half screen included. Full-screen is available upon request
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Double Hung Window - Window Installation in Passaic, NJ
Fully Welded 900
All the great features of the Hybrid 700 plus:
-Full fusion welded sash and master frame
-Beveled screen track for an added touch of elegance
New Construction 990 - Window Installation in Passaic, NJ
New Construction 990
Also has all the great features of the Hybrid 700 AND the Fully Welded 900 plus:
-New construction flanges allow the windows to be easily installed from the outside a new home or addition to a home
-Integrated J-Chanel saves you time and money when having to install siding because there are no extra pieces you have to buy to trim the window